Colonsay Accomodation

Things to see and do

The Island of Colonsay, part of the Hebridean island group lies around 30miles off the west coast of Scotland, bounded by the Isle of Mull to the north and by Jura and Islay to the south and east.

With Oransay, the neighbouring island, accessible by a sand bar at low tide, the island is about 10miles long and 2 miles wide.

Colonsay has about 100 inhabitants and is one of the most remote communities in Britain.

Travelling to the island is by Caledonian MacBrayne Ferry. There are 5 ferries to the island in Summer and three in Winter. There is an additional ferry in the summer which travels from Kennacraig via Islay. This is the only ferry to take if wishing to visit Colonsay for the day.

Colonsay offers a beautiful and diverse unspoilt landscape which has many attractions for a variety of interests.

The beaches around the island are very different - from the large golden sandy Kiloran Bay to the small white beaches on the eastern shores, the rocks and pebbles at Port Mhor and the large expanses of sandy beaches at Balnahard and Ardskenish.

For those interested in Ornithology, Colonsay is home to a large variety of birds - colonies of seabirds on the western cliffs and many other species living on the open moorland, on farmland and woodlands. Golden Eagles have been spotted above Balnahard and on the east of the island.

Seals can often be seen on the rocks of Ardskenish, on the west coast and in colonies on the offshore islands off Oransay. There is lots of evidence of the otter and lucky visitors may catch a glimpse of these shy but endearing creatures.

For plant lovers the island is a source of many interesting plants both exotic, in the gardens and woodland around Colonsay House and the wild flowers which proliferate around the island.

For those with a more active nature, the Colonsay Golf Course is a must. This course, one of the earliest in Scotland, has been named as one of the ten best courses in Scotland - mainly because it’s challenging, interesting and demanding terrain!!

Several of the lochs contain brown trout and sea fishing is available.

There are many lovely walks around the island and cycle’s are available from Archie’s cycle hire for those of a more intrepid nature.

There are many places of archaeological interest to visit, the most impressive being the Priory in Oransay which was founded by Augustine monks and dates back to the 14th century.

Whilst on the island you must visit Christine's Den where you can purchase beautiful gifts to take home for friends and family (or even treat yourself). A large variety of gifts at a range of affordable prices have been lovingly hand made on the island by local people. Demonstrations of crafts including spinning can be seen at times. Christine, Barbara and Jan would love to see you.

The Colonsay Music Festival (Ceol Cholasa) takes place in September and has proved to be an amazing success, with visiting and local artists entertaining.

Further details and programme of events can be seen on the Colonsay Website


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